Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Interest? Victorian Decorative Arts Lecture and Stencilling/finishes workshop

Over the years I have given a couple of lectures on Victorian Interior Design and the Decorative Arts of the Era. Sort of a general overview of the history of Victorian Interior Design and its evolution through the period. Discussions of stencils, wallpapers, fretwork and Interior design. All the things that make up the typical Victorian home of the day.

As many of you know our firm, Victorian Antiquities and Design, in addition to our normal antiques business performs restoration of decorative finishes, restoration, and restoration consulting, and creation of new  period finishes in home undergoing restorations where one desires a period look. Regular readers of my blog have no doubt followed the discovery of the Neo Grec Stencil designs in the Nagele-Merz house which we are restoring. Several of you have contacted me asking if  I 'teach' stencilling.

Victorian Interior finishes is something of a "lost art" these days with only a handful of firms and artist out there doing this specialized work. As you know we have released a series of stencils based on the original designs in the Nagele-Merz House and will be releasing several more of the newly discovered ones.

I have discussed with CPA the lecture idea but there are scheduling conflicts that precluded doing a lecture this fall. So I am looking at doing something in the Spring of 2011. What I am interested in however is seeing if their is sufficient interest in an actual workshop on stenciling and decorative finishes as well. What I am envisioning is a morning lecture, sort of the general decorative arts topic I've done before that would be available to a larger audience. That would be followed after lunch by an actual workshop.

The workshop would be geared more towards the  Preservationist/restorer or artist and would delve into stenciling and decorative finishes. Topics might include cast iron mantle restoration finishes, faux finishes such as marbleizing, Decorative painting of ceiling medallions and stenciling. Participants would learn about Victorian color theory and paint material, forensic techniques to 'discover' stencils and finishes and a more in depth understanding of how the above was done. Workshop would include paint mixing and some actual hands on stenciling working with stencils in a classroom environment. This would be 4-5 hours in a workshop/class environment and would include a overview/manual on the workshop. Class size would be limited to 10-12 participants and class cost would be 125-150.00. The course is geared towards the old house restorer or preservationist who wants to expand their decorative historical arts knowledge as part of a continuing Education process.

So my question is? Is there sufficient interest to offer the workshop?  Obviously I would have to work out the logistics of the site for the lecture and the workshop after so this will take some planning. If there is sufficient interest I might consider offering the workshop on a quarterly basis with perhaps a more intense and specialize "advanced study" class.

So let me know what you think.

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St Charles said...

I am in. Will you use my house for your classroom???