Monday, November 1, 2010

Knox Hill Neighborhood 1- Criminal ZERO!

Some of the neighbors who gathered to meet with police on crime issues.
There is a certain "Poetic Justice' in our neighborhood,

Saturday we scheduled a 'meet and greet' with our new police Liasion Officer who was kind enough to come meet with neighbors on his day off. Neighbors gathered at the corner of Knox and McBrayer to meet with the officer and discuss local crime watch possibilities and things like citizens on patrol.

The main issue was our local "problem property". A house full of criminals, druggies and registered sex offenders and  to share with our local police representative the information we had all gathered. Just as this was happening who should round the corner in his pickup truck but Jack Carmen, the owner and ground zero of  the "Problem property". Jack was driving.... Jack has no license. In fact he was driving the same truck he had just got out of impound earlier in the week for driving with no license and stolen plates. WHICH everyone of us pointed out to the policeman who then proceeded over to Jack and who him THREE different citations because he caught him RED HANDED!
Not very smart to be tooling around in the truck you just got out of impound when you do not have a drivers license or insurance. But then Criminals are not very smart!

We could not have asked for a better result for our meet and greet with law enforcement and it sent an empowering message to those residents who wanted to come but were afraid of this "low life", that there is strength in numbers and he is well on notice that we want him out of here. We are not putting up with his criminal activity and his days in our neighborhood are numbered!

Knox Hill Neighborhood 1 - Criminal  ZERO!!!!

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Byron said...

awesome! i am always surprised at just how dumb criminals can be. good work keeping up the pressure.