Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Preservation Alert : Historic Sedamsville Church needs your voice

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church is a landmark structure in Sedamsville, preservation interests are working out a viable strategy to save it.

However that effort is currently in danger due to a request by the ""Sedamsville Building Committee" which is asking the  city to demolish it.. As we all know, he who yells loudest often gets noticed, so I am asking everyone to take some time out to write a letter to the council asking them to allow preservation interests to continue with their strategy to save it and deny demolition.

We need to work  in a more broad manner and recognize that historic properties in other neighborhoods are just as important as those in our own and when we need help we certainly hope other neighborhoods will come to our assistance. The council needs to know that we feel these buildings are important and deserve to be saved.

So take a few moments and let your voice be heard. Our Lady of Perpetual Help actually needs your help!

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