Thursday, December 16, 2010

2294 Harrison, Preservation Bargain history updates

Several people have contacted me wondering if I had any historical info on 2294 Harrison and at the time I didn't. Thanks to Ann Senefeld for this new information.

From what we can now tell, it appears the house was built in 1869! This makes it a very early house in that area and it was part of the Robert Orr estate. This is the only early house on that side of Harrison Ave, called Harrison Pike back them.

The home was owned by John B Morris who was jeweler and then a foundry owner , he was born in 1836. It does not appear that there are any early photos, But then you never know. From and architectural standpoint the house would appear to have been updated with the stucco sometime between 1900-1920. I am guessing that the house would have been a center hall Federal or Italianate style house in its early incarnation.

House would definitely be a good candidate for landmark status after restoration. I'm pulling for a preservation minded buyer to acquire it! I have pdf. file courtesy of Ann with  the information if anyone is interested of  listing in directory and census info as well as some trade journal mentions of Mr Morris. BIG THANKS to Anne for this!

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