Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cincinnati Preservation Bargains:2294 Harrison Ave, Westwood

The last time we featured on of these big old Harrison Ave, Westwood fixers it sold in three days! You probably have driven by this ho use and remarked "what a great old house, its a shame its been turned into rentals". Here is your chance to take it back! These old mansion are in greater demand as Westwood draws more interest, these big houses are getting increasingly harder to find.

This house sits on almost a 1/2 acre sloping lot. It also has a Two Story, Three car carriage carriage house with it. At first glance you might be tempted to assume its 1920' or so with its Port Cochere out front but I bet if you do the research you will find this home is much older probably Italianate , probably 1880's and subject to a makeover around 1910-20.

This house is huge. Currently six apartments with additional units over the garage this may be one of the best Preservation Bargains we have featured, and would be that "grand mansion' you have always dreamed of. Property values are rising rapidly in Westwood these days and you wont be able to find property like this soon at this price.

Offered at only 25,000 MLS 1248721 (listing agent  Mara Harperink , Steve Junker, Realtors). Agent is the court appointed receiver.121x208 ft lot, circular drive, with nice houses nearby and across the street."" be warned, Westwood Concern will fight you tooth and nail if you think this is going to stay apartments as it will need permits pulled for everything and trust me  you do not want to mess with Westwood Concern. But if you are Preservation minded and want to restore this house don't be surprised if neighbors show up to give you a helping hand! Its that kind of neighborhood.

Do you know of a Preservation bargain? A house that just need a preservation minded owner to save it from the clutches of  a slumlord? If so, contact us at victiques@gmail.com and give us the details. Since we have started this series we have saved a lot of homes and they are now under restoration. Saving Cincinnati, One house at a time.


Ann said...

From some research today, I have it possibly dated from 1869.

Paul Wilham said...

Thats what I thought. If you look at it in aerial view on google earth everything around it is much newer, clearly its one of the homestead farms that populated that area .