Thursday, January 13, 2011

Antique of the week: Lots o Locks!

Spring is almost here! Well not really but we are doing some "pre-spring cleaning" and over the next few weeks will be putting a lot of stuff on our antique of the week that may be of benefit to those of you who are restoring, so stay tuned for great "STUFF".

Much emphasis has been place on late Victorian "house jewelry" the heavily embossed and cast brass door hardware of that era. there are even companies that sell new reproduction hardware (If you can afford it). Those of you however who live in earlier Victorian or federal era homes may feel a bit slighted because your home has surface or 'rim' locks. These were locks that sat on the outside of the wood door and they has delightful ceramic door knobs. Most of these door locks were junked over the years and you can find the ceramic doorknobs but they are often cracked.
This is the Corbin Lock with its Black ceramic Knobs

As you might suspect we never throw ANYTHING away and as result we have this 'collection' of locks and knobs featured here as our antique of the week. Here is what we have.  There are 4 locks , 3 are matching (maker unknown) with white ceramic knob sets and one Corbin lock with the black ceramic knobs. Two of the locks look like they may have been restored/repainted, the other two are paint covered. Included with all this is an extra set of ceramic doorknobs that has some paint on it, a couple of trim rings and some misc old screws.
The other 3 locks are like this, 2 are painted and need to be stripped, They all have white ceramic knobs

If you are in a restoration project and need extra parts this may be right up your alley or if you are missing the  original ceramic knobs, these are pretty nice.  The entire lot is 60.00 firm and you can make arrangements to pick them up in Cincy or I can ship them for 10.00. Prefer to sell these as one "lot" but if not sold soon, look for them priced individually on our website in few weeks for a lot more money )especially if I get motivated to clean up the other two painted locks)! Contact me at if you are interested and of course we can invoice you via paypal.

Over the next few weeks look for interesting postings on antique of the week as my "junk' becomes your 'Treasures" and I can buy more stuff I don't need!

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