Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cincinnati Preservation News, alerts and updates

There is so much going on this week that I could easily do several blogposts but I am going to do a quick overview for you:

1509 Pleasant in OTR is dangerously close to an emergency demolition order a request by its owner, The emergency demo is being pursues to circumvent the historic review.

1616-1618 Pleasant were lost over the weekend due to a fire.

292 McGregor is back in Preservation News . Regular readers may recall I covered this house extensively ovear year ago. The current owner, who bought the house from the city several years ago for a dollar, has done nothing in the interim and CPA reports it is once again dangerously close to demolition.

Knox Hill is looking for Preservation minded buyer for a 'key house" in the neighborhood . The two story house sits on a double lot, has some good features and can be bought for a well under 10K. Contact me at and I will email you the address and details. This house has great potential just needs some love and is on a great block with lots of restoration. If your New Years resolution was to restore a house here you go.

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CityKin said...

1616 Pleasant, which had the fire, is owned by the same guy who owns 1509 Pleasant. He bought lots of buildings 7 years ago cheap. If he can't fix them he should sell (obviously).