Monday, January 10, 2011

Cincinnati: Valvoline Expansion could slow Preservation efforts in Riverside

Valvoline Corporation has purchased a large Parcel of land next to the Gilday Recreational park  with plans to expand their tank farm operations.
Historic homes like the Wright house could be negatively impacted by further industrial development.

This expansion is troublesome so close to a major recreational park and of course the river. Preservationists are concerned the expansion could slow preservation efforts and could hamper the sale of properties like the  Daniel Thew Wright house, a National Registered property currently on the market. Residents had been talking to officials about the land being acquired for expansion of the Park.

This type of development could have a negative effect on residential property values. It is uncertain if residents might take legal action in an attempt to stop the development which sits on land the city would likely approve for that kind of use. The bigger question may well be if environmental groups will mobilize to stop the development given its location near the river. It is unknown at this point if any sort of Environmental impact or transportation studies have been completed. However if state, federal and local environmental groups do decide to get involved it could delay the project for years.

Preservationist are worried about the negative impact this project could have on the Riverside neighborhood which is drawing increasing interest because of its close proximity to downtown, rural atmosphere and quality historic architecture. Resident reaction has been highly negative to this expansion and one resident posted on facebook that:

"The city won't do better planning because 1) their planning department doesn't, and 2.) because they wrote off the lower west side as industrial in the 50's and changing their minds means putting industry where THEY live."

Given the 'muscle' local preservationists and groups are starting to flex and if they were to be joined by environmental groups, this expansion could turn our to be a public relations "nightmare' for Valvoline Corporation and might not be the 'slam dunk' that they or city planning assumed it would be.

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St Charles said...

This is just the worst thing that could go in there. We need to make our City Beautiful not a sludge of oil. Leave that to the burbs