Monday, January 17, 2011

Knox Hill Neighborhood: 2011 Year of Restoration

Efforts by the Knox Hill Neighborhood Association to promote the neighborhood as an up and coming  neighborhood seem to be paying off and 2011 may well be the year of restoration  for the area. In 2010 six homes were bought by Preservation minded people and are under restoration.
This once elegant Second Empire Cottage will shine again as the new owners plans on restoring the siding, a more period appropriate porch and a multi color Preservation paint job.

2011 is starting off with a bang with the news that a Second Empire Cottage that has been vacant for over 8 years has been purchased and will be undergoing a thoughtful restoration. The new owner plans on getting a new roof on the house as soon as possible. Built in 1880, the new owner hopes to get the home back to its original siding and get a nice Preservation paint job on it this spring and a new period style porch. The cottage is one of a cluster of 14 Second Empire Victorian homes in the neighborhood. This one, like most in  the neighborhood, was built as a weekend cottage and later enlarged for year round use.

In addition to this restoration, the Neighborhood is in negotiations  to acquire a Brick Italianate that is endangered and under a nuisance declaration. The neighborhood is working with the Out of State LLC to acquire the house, under multiple orders from the city, by outright purchase, but had not ruled out a receivership action to acquire and stabilize that home, if the owner doesn't come to the table soon. Several people have expressed an interest in.the home which the neighborhood estimates will cost between 150-175K to restore.

Several other homes that were casualties of the foreclosure crisis (dumped off on the banks by investors) have just hit the market and the association is heavily promoting those homes to "Preservation Minded" individuals. In fact, property values, after years of decline, are starting to go back up, most recently a well maintained, but needing some restoration home, sold for over 50K recently.

The Knox Hill Neighborhood Association is hoping that  a roll out of a new neighborhood website next month, a Spring Architectural walking tour, and a Realtors Brunch this summer. The hope is that people will see the opportunity that is in the neighborhood which is working on its National Historic District Nomination.

As one resident put it "this neighborhood is starting to turnaround, its been a rough 10 years but the next 10 look much brighter. The slumlords are on the run, the city realizes we are fighting back to stop demolitions and people are beginning to realize that this is a special neighborhood. the next 10 years look good."

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