Monday, January 31, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update , More historic "finds'

I've been restoring old houses for years , however I think this house more than any other has amazed me with the 'gifts' if has presented to us. This week while finishing up the insulation work on the West side of the bedroom, we found yet another "Historical Present". Tucked between the floor joists and likely used to "back a gap" in the lath for the ceiling below it (The formal parlour) was a German language Cincinnati paper.While just a fragment, I will have a friend of mine who is a paper conservator see what she can salvage and it will be framed in acid free mats and papers and be part of the "history wall" that will detail the history and many 'finds' we have come across during restoration.

As I said we did finish the insulating of the floors ( I covered how to do this last week) and already the room is beginning to hold heat better.

This week also began the 'finishing phases" of the new drywall as we do the bedding and top coat. As I have said before I hate this phase but getting as smooth a wall as possible is critical for the paint finished to look right. So there will be more top coats and sanding ahead, but I have to keep focused on the finished product.

Regular readers know that one of my motto's is "plan ahead, and buy on sale!". We picked up this decent looking new side light at the local home improvement store for 10.49! Saving almost 60 bucks! Now is a great time to check out the sale tables as they are switching over styles for the new year. This one is a motion activated light as well and will work just fine by the side door.

Saturday we had the great pleasure to attend a CPA event at the Hauck House. Dave Zelman gave an very interesting lecture on the architecture of the West side of Cincinnati to a packed house . This is part of their "winter series". I will be presenting a lecture entitled "Old House-New Owner" in March that will discuss everything from finding that historic home , restoration planning and contractor selection. This series is being held in the magnificent Hauck Manison on Dayton street. One of the finest examples of Gilded age homes with museum interiors. In case you'd like to see more I took some photos:

I highly recommend that you attend the upcoming events that are held there and get an opportunity to see this one of a kind mansion in person , mere photos cannot show the incredible detail that you can see in person.

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