Monday, January 3, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Things are rolling along on a couple of fronts. We are getting contractor bids on some parts of the bath project and we continue to work on the bedroom master suite.

As the space is better defined we thing the master bedroom suite will work well for today. Especially after the tower addition is built this summer when we will gain a 12x12 study off this bedroom with pocket doors and a spiral staircase that will take us up to the rooftop deck. As we have it configured right now the master suite is 480 square feet of space and the tower addition adds another 144 square feet, giving this small 'cottage' a mansion sized master bedroom suite.
This material is formaldehyde free.

The 'gallery' hall space a  5x16 foot space is coming along well with the east wall now fully insulated. We are using a 'formaldehyde  free" insulation product in this house. It provides the same R-13 as conventional  roll insulation without any formaldehyde. White not a major issue its nice to eliminate any potentially harmful material and its priced roughly the same.

A 'milestone' event took place on the last day of the year. Those of you who have followed this project from its early days may remember that the entire second floor was covered in 1960's era paneling and under that was pink and blue walls. The LAST scrap of paneling is gone and we close chapter on the serious remuddling that took place  4 decades or so ago.

Work is  moving along elsewhere too in  the staircase hallway.  Once upon a time there was a large landing window facing west that overlooked when the house was originally built pasture land. Of courser houses were built and at some point this landing window was removed and filled in. We know because of the framing that filled it in it was done a long time ago as its real 2x4's. We have been removing the plaster in this area and plan
On putting in a new landing window with a stained glass window on the inside ( for privacy). This will flood the staircase with light and create a grander space.

One issue we must deal with is a new staircase railing as the one we had is too low too meet code and was 'cobbled' together from what was the original steam bent staircase after they enclosed the stairs when they added the basement stairs. We have selected a new historic staircase design and  custom building it to meet current code requirements while maintaining a historical design, for afety we will leave this up until the new one is ready for install.

So as we head into this new year, work continues and the house marches toward its 140th birthday this summer!

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