Monday, January 17, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Master suite work continues in the "gallery hall that goes to the bedroom area and this we we tackle the ceiling. Because of the way these Second Empire roof line are constructed the  ceilings on the second floor have a pronounced slope. This slope is 'visually annoying', particularly ina long hallway so we leveled the ceiling.

Now some of you will quickly note that there is a square opening in the middle of the hallway ceiling? Because this is a lower ceiling, directed by the lowest point in the hall, I decided in the center to do a raised area. This will be trimmed out, have small ceiling medallion and allow the hall light to be slightly higher in the room which will make the space appear visually taller and less confined. This ceiling is still 7'6" tall but as you leave this space and go into the master bedroom with it higher ceiling its should have the bedroom appear much larger than it actually is. Cottage architecture requires some visual tricks on  the second floor since you do not have the grand tall ceilings you have on the first floor.

Of course we had to frame this all out and it was easier to built this out in sections on the floor then install them. yes it take some wrangling to get this in place but it is far easier than trying to built it in place and get it level.

Once the ceiling was framed we insulated it, for heat savings but also sound deadening as there will eventually be rooftop deck and we didnt want any sound transference.

Drywall as always on a ceiling is a real pain to hang and one job I  hate but this was too small an area to bring in a drywall lift., which I always use when I have  large room to do as it saves your back and lowers the frustration factor.

Next time, we finish out drywall and trim out the raised area  and we will get around to finally centering that doorway!

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