Friday, January 21, 2011

Latest release: The Knox Hill Historic Bedroom Stencil

Those who regularly follow this blog know we have been very fortunate to find rare Neo Grec Stencils throughout the Knox Hill Cottage (Nagele-Merz house). These stencils date to the 1870's and were not seen in over 100 years.

We do know that the original owner of the home spared no expense in bring in artisans to stencil the walls of this 'weekend cottage' at the time. We will probably never know who the original artist was that designed the Neo Grec stencils used throughout the home , but we know that in addition to the historical significance of our home, that these stencils will assist others in creating a Period Look for their restoration and as a result we have carefully duplicated them and now offer them for sale.

This particular stencil was discovered in the front (master bedroom) of the cottage as a top border. We have  duplicated this design in a four repeat pattern. The original design was probably done with just one image. This duplication allows you to more efficiently put the design on your wall.

The colors you decide to use are only limited by your imagination and this stencil in addition to its original use as a top border (frieze) could also be used as a Chair Rail border, or could be flipped to make a double with border for tall ceilings. The image is 4 1/2  inches  Tall,  and in its original placement it was accented with two painted 1 inch lines at the top.

As is the case with the other stencils we offer we can enlarge this to a custom size for those of you with very tall ceilings. And we will soon be offering a larger version in a "two repeat" stencil for taller spaces as well as a medallion.

This stencil is offered at 16.95  and shipping is 5.00 anywhere in the continental US. The sale of these stencils directly benefit the ongoing restoration of the historic Nagele-Merz house, so in addition to making your home more lovely you aid preservation as well.

This stencil as well as our other historic stencils can be found on our online shop:


Paul said...

Any tricks in getting these "off the walls" or, is it really just a matter of (carefully) tracing? We've discovered a border in the parlor of an ~1865 Italianate and would like to save it.

Cathy said...

I saw this design in person and it is "lovely", - love the colors they used. Paul, you are amazingly talented to have chosen a house with treasures.