Monday, February 21, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Wow.....warmth....can spring be far away? Well this weeks 'warm spell" meant we need  to turn our attention to outdoors and TREES. To date we have taken out 7 trees on this lot , not to mention all that honeysuckle. Many of the trees are old , or volunteer trees that frankly have to go as part of the gardens restoration and construction. Getting as much done BEFORE the leaves come out is a priority.

This big tree is one of those trees. Too close to the street, it was planted incorrectly years ago and the roots are surface exposed and its dying anyway. This tree is a major problem and we began the process of its removal by cutting some of the limbs. Big tree, lots of limb, long process. The area where it sits will eventually be a raised planter area which will have new smaller trees and bed plantings. This will help to shield the new  side brick courtyard from the street.

At the rear of the old lot line are 4 'scrub' trees that must be removed. These SHOULD have been removed by the city when they demoed the house behind us. Since the foundation removal they now are starting to lean and put our house in danger What I should have done was hired a contractor to remove them and sued the city for the cost.. But that's OK, one more example of the "care the city uses" when demoing property with federal funds, and the lack of consideration for neighboring property.  I'm sure HUD knows about it. Anyway 1 tree down there are 3 more to go!

From the second floor just cutting off the lower linbs have opened up our views of the side street and the valley beyond..

Sunday was spent taping walls upstairs in the front bedroom, I still have to trim out the window seat in the front bedroom.

We also began sanding on the upstairs gallery wall, Cant wait to start painting! however I also must install the baseboard, chair rail and hanging rail and begin the painting and stenciling process!

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