Monday, February 28, 2011

Knox Hill project: Weekly Update

Floating and sanding, floating and sanding.... will it ever end? Actually it will and its getting closer and before long I will be able to start trim install..

Install of the mantle is coming soon as well on the second floor. I first have to trim the sides slightly about 1 3/4 inches on either side. These are 'fill panels' that were part of the original install. As you may recall this mantle was recovered from a fire damaged house and has some singing near the top right corner which will require the replacing of a top trim piece which is a stock item. I plan on also trimming out the side panels "bump out" of the fireplace and am considering architecturally paneling the area above the mantle up to the ceiling as well. This would add height to the room visually. As part of the mantle install I will have to put in a summer cover and rile the area in front of the mantle. I have found tile for this . This will have the appearance of a functional fireplace when completed and look similar to what might have been here originally.

Outside the tree removal continues and we got quite a bit down in  short time over the weekend. There are seven trees we are taking out and 4 more that will have to be taken our by a tree trimmer because they are simply too big and will require a boom truck. I still have not found a tree trimmer who will actually show up and do the job and actually is license bonded and insured.

Ah the changing neighborhood. For years drug dealers were able to pull into our rather secluded neighborhood and do their deals. Most now know that our neighborhood is off limits and  the police will be called. But we occasionally come across the 'newby' who doesn't realize he is in a crime watch neighborhood. Such was the case of these guys in this van. They like to pull on the dead end streets in our neighborhood to 'conduct their business". However that no longer works in our area. I observed this white van driving down our side street. from upstairs. Of course we know everyone on our lock and we know what their friends drive so this vehicle looked our of place and they turned around, parked at the end of the street.

So what do we do? We go outside Greg goes across to Knox to alert neighbors and I grab my camera and begin taking photos of the van on the dead end side street........OFF they go, AND in a hurry!  Do not think they will make this mistake again. Of course the photos will be passed along to the police and the van goes on our "watch list". I already have security cameras on our house as do several of our neighbors but we are talking about installing IP cams at some of the key locations in the neighborhood and setting up a secure website so the police can log in and see any criminal activity..


Dale from Avon said...

Did you consider removing the filler boards on the fireplace, re-positioning them further inward to fit the wall and reattaching them? That way you do not have to cut them or try to match the stain and refinish the edges. Just a thought.

Paul Wilham said...

Dale I thought about it but the sides are crispy. Also they didnt take great care with removal so there are some cracks. I also plan on putting side boards on to trim out the fireplace all around the bump out.

I have to take off the shellac and reshellac the mantle to get a good color. The heat 'browned' the shellac in places. Matching the finish wont be big deal for me on the sides.