Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Antique of the Week: The Victorian display shelf

Victorians loved shelves. Clock shelves plate shelves, what not shelves. Victorian needed these shelves to display their 'stuff'.

As a result people covet these shelves to display all that brick a brack and plates and teacups and figurines. Good shelves are , well, good to find! but they are hard to find these days.

Today we offer a nice wood shelf. It is versatile , you can sit it on the floor as shown OR you can hang it from the hooks on the back. this shelf unit is 31 1/2 inches wide and the shelf is 8 1/2 inches deep. this unit is 27 inches tall. This might even be good on top of a short mantle as a small overmantle. There are grooves in the back of each shelf to hold those special plates.

An affordable piece for all of your display needs. Offered at only 75.00.  If you are interested contact us at victiques@gmail.com. Of course we can invoice you and you may pay via paypal.

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