Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gamble House Hearing TODAY!!!! Board of Zoning Appeals

Once again Preservationist voices will be heard as continues with its quest to demolish the historic Gamble House, a locally listed landmark.

After's most recent defeat, a series of defeats that have gone on for over a year now, they will present their case before the Board of Zoning appeals at 1:00PM in the Main Conference Room of the Business Development and Permit Center,3300 Central Parkway, Cincinnati Ohio.

They are seeking a waiver for the orders issued by the City of Cincinnati to obtain a VBML (Vacant Building Maintenance License). They are appealing a decision made in June 2010 when the  foundation was ordered to obtain a license.

The property which is a donated asset of a 501C3 non profit charitable corporation was cited for the following infractions of the Cincinnati Building code:

Inoperable heating system, leaky roof, deteriorated gutters, Removal of interior wood trim, Protective railings removed from staircase and failure to maintain the exterior paint on the house.

They were given the option of making the repairs, which they elected not to do NOR have they obtained the VBML

Since then the non profit charitable foundation has systematically removed much of the interior features without obtaining permits and in violation of the law. The actions of have brought national and international condemnation of the boards activities.

Preservationist have successfully fought the demolition of the structure for over a year now.

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