Monday, March 14, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

After being down for week with the flu, it was great to get be back to restoration work on the house. A while back I bought the small crown molding and recently completed the gilding process, so now we were finally ready for install and I am pleased with the result. It helps define the frieze area and adds some sparkle to the parlor.
Of course the big project was the tree that fell down in the high winds a week or so ago. Of course th e tree service the insurance company chose didn't show up and we had to go out buy a chain saw and get it cut up our selves
The yard now looks better and it looks like the Maple tree, which we plan on actually keeping, looks unharmed..
We still have trees to take down and today I called some more tree guys to see if anyone will come out an put in a bid.....of course they have to show up too! When you consider you couldn't even see the neighborhood from the house.
We had a great visit with our friends from Missouri who just started work this week on a building at Findlay Market. Took them on a quick tour Sunday of the area and I'm trying to convince them to buy in our area. I saw even more houses under restore on Fairmount and I think Spring will be great.

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