Monday, March 21, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Things are blooming in the yard, spring  must actually be here. However we are concentrating on some inside projects and pet peeves with previous remuddling that are being addressed. One of those issues was the ductwork in the dining room.

The previous "idiots' who put in the HVAC system in just threw ductwork anywhere like next to a fireplace bump-out with drywall stuck on top of it, NOT a good thing. They also cut the floor for a modern cold air return which was in a bad place and incorrect in size for the historic nature of the home.

So we took some tine to fill in the floor ( with wood salvaged from the kitchen floor which must be totally replaced). Now this was not critical since this floor will have a new subfloor and a period appropriate inlaid hardwood floor.

We also framed the space in and insulated openings with the outside airspace. (gotta love foam) The reason to frame this space in all the way across is that it will maintain the wall depth of the arched doorway between formal parlor and dining and it properly encloses the ductwork, and the fact the decorative fireplace is being relocated top the south wall.

Now all we have to do is replace the piece of ductwork the thieves stole when the house was vacant and we can drywall and be done with this minor annoyance. We also uncovered a good section of the 1900 era "ribbon' stencil that was added in the dining room . Will be documenting and probably releasing this for our stencil line, stay tuned

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