Monday, March 28, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

A few more trees to go and maybe we can build the gazebo this year
Well its gone! That 80 plus year old dead for who knows how long tree by the front porch is gone forever! Saturday after We got back from my Lecture at the Hauck House the tree surgeon had been  there and taken it down. Took  less than 10 minutes!   
It really opens up the vistas and makes the house look larger. Now 5 or so more to go and we can start over with properly planted and sized trees.
This was a big tree,and it took several hours with the chain saw.

Sunday was spent cutting it all up. Plenty of firewood now. The great thing about having this gone, aside from the obvious safety concerns is we can begin the terracing of the 'entrance garden". Plans are to terrace the front yard into three levels. the first level we did last year by the front wall. Now we will be able to create the entrance terrace level that will extend about 15 feet from the front of the house which will be a bricked courtyard with formal plantings in stone urns with a balustered stone railing around it. between that terrace and the front will be a English style "courtyard formal garden area with stone benches surrounding a large stone urn with plantings. We also will be installing a 5 foot wide brick walk to the front street entrance. Spring and Summer should be very productive.

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