Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Preservation Gods were smiling

Ooops, that tree isn't supposed to be there!
As you all know we have been taking out trees for the last few weeks. I have held it is generally better to start from scratch when landscaping and most of our trees were either diseased or poorly placed.. Sunday our first spring thunderstorm, came through and promptly took out one of the trees were were getting bids on having removed because it was too big and too close top power lines for us to safely deal with. In fact  this was the one I was most worried about because it was leaning, and was against our power line coming into the house.
This tree should have fell west..but it didn't!

That was the one the storm decided to take out.. The Preservation Gods were apparently smiling because this tree which could have caused major damage wound up landing in the ONE PLACE it would do no damage.
Gently cradled by the Maple (the one tree we are keeping)

The wind has taken this tree which was leaning 20-25 degrees to the west  totally upright then 'spun' it to land 90 degrees due west!. The power line, right next to this tree it it feel the way it should have, was totally undamaged.
Missed the pond, missed the landscaping, missed EVERYTHING!

Missed  the house, missed the power line, missed the power lines on our side street, Didn't hit the pond, the landscaping the flower beds NOTHING.  Someone is watching our for the Historic Nagele Merz House!


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Very lucky. You didn't need something like that to sidetrack your restoration!