Friday, April 1, 2011

Cincinnati Preservation Bargains: Today Covington

No its not an "April Fool's" joke. The 'architecture" of Cincinnati doesn't magically stop at the river. In fact Covington is home to the same architecture you find in Cincinnati, and its just as endangered and often, really unique.

Todays offering at number 12, 18th street is a superior example of Victorian doubled townhouse architecture. Drop this in and major city and you be looking at a few million. However this is trully a "preservation bargain" at only 40K.

The architectural detail on this building is amazing. The elegant projecting second floor bay windows are awash with architectural embellishment. Picked out and detailed in several preservation colors, this would be remarkable!  Similarly fine detail like the stain glass in the front parlor would contribute to the re-creation of elegant high style Victorian Townhomes.

MLS number 394371 offered by Century 21 Gold., I predict some smart person will realize the potential of this grand structure and snap it up. If anything it makes me realize I need to take an architectural trip across the river.

Do you know of a "preservation bargain'? A house that is crying out for preservation minded person to rescue it from the indignity of bad remuddle, or even worse a city bulldozer? If so let me know at and we might feature it here. Since we started this series a few years ago , many more homes are now in Preservation hands and are being returned to their former glory. Saving Cincinnati, one house at a time.


Karen Anne said...

It would be nice to have a link to the listing in these posts, so we could see any interior photos. It always seems to take some digging to find that, and I couldn't find this one after ten minutes.

Paul Wilham said...

The MLS links are so long it sometimes messes up a posting

Here is the link do not know if it will work here

Karen Anne said...


I don't know why agents omit interior photos so often. It's not like buyers will imagine the best :-)