Monday, April 4, 2011

Knox Hill Project : Weekly Update

Nice weekend and we took advantage of it to get outside work done but we also continued work on the Formal Dining Room of the Knox Hill Cottage. Big thing this week was getting the other side of the archway between the formal parlor and dining room drywalled. It wont be too long until this can be trimmed out in woodwork and  of course a rod for the Portiers (room drapes) and the fretwork panel that will be in the "arch" above it.. In addition to all that I am also working on the custom build of the pier mirror,valances and overmantle mirrors for this room.

The hanging rail is being  removed and will be installed slightly lower to match up with the Neo Grec border stenciling that YES I am recreating in this room as a slightly larger frieze size and of course there will be additional stenciling in the dado ( below the chair rail). I am working on a proper colorway design to blend with the colors in the formal parlor and should have some final selections soon..

We are still cleaning up trees from all the cutting done lately and now with warm weather the 'woodland' creatures are scurrying about including this small snake that was sunning himself. The small lizards are out too and of course the deer wander the woods down the hill. It is hard to believe we are in a  major city and surrounded by wildlife up here on the hill.

We also picked up a cast iron fireplace mantle over the weekend in Newport that was taking up space in a garage. Its white right now and I have checked it for finishes(stenciling) and found none. Of course that is not a problem for me and the plan is to largely match the Faux finishes of the parlor with slightly different stenciling and line work and an custom painted panel of the Ohio River (circa 1870) in the center medallion area. I think the finished product will be quite nice and I will no doubt do a blog post on the transformation of this "plain Jane" mantle back to its Victorian  elegance. It is almost identical in size and even the firebox openings match the parlor so it should be a good compliment. Now all I have to do is trip it restore it and reassemble the four pieces that make up the mantle. Just another 'little project' for the Naegele-Merz house.

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