Monday, April 18, 2011

Knox Hill Project : Weekly Update

Rain helps get rid of the rotten tree stump. But its still a lot of manual labor to get the roots out but we are working on it.
Slowly but surely the stump is disappearing! Recent rains have really helped and we spent some time on it. Should be able to cut/pull out the rest next week and then we can begin to prep that area for the paver courtyard in front with the balustered wall and we can get the plantings in which should help screen the property next door. We will have a nice 15 x12 terrace in front and you will step  down to a Victorian 'knot garden" and then down another step to the front ' rock garden'. taming this elevation is a bit of a challenge but I think when done, it will look nice.

Insulation really helps make room quieter. wont be long before we can drywall and install the new floor
Inside we have been working on getting the 1/2 bath put back together. We insulated the outside wall  If you remember we used  foam to seal gaps. Even without drywall the space is much quieter.

Whenever you have an open wall, you should always update it. This new replacement bath fan is an easy install with the ceiling open.
We also decided to replace the old bath fan before putting back drywall. The old bath fan didn't work anymore and I am sure if it did, it would be noisy. Bath fan technology has improved greatly and even less expensive models are far quieter than the old ones. Replacement is easy. Take the old unit out, attach the new unit and just hook up to the existing wiring.

15-20 Feet tall honeysuckle hid this house from view , thanks to the new owner across the street we can actually see the side of this Colonial Revival house due to their ongoing lot cleanup. Cant wait to see a picket fence instead of chain link.
The restoration bug is sweeping out neighborhood. BOTH the Second Empire cottages across the street are under restoration now with new owners for each. For the first time in years we can actually see the side of the Victorian "Colonial Revival"  2 story house across the way. The new owner of the Second Empire cottage directly across the street from us also owns the lot between them and she was busy all weekend cutting down 15 ft tall honeysuckle bushes. She has really cleaned up the back yard and will start working on the house once she gets the lot tamed. The other cottage west of hers is already under restoration and the old side steps/decks off as well as the old aluminum awnings. Tons of clean out work done inside and a new roof will be going on shortly.

FYI that colonial revival across the street can probably be bought if anyone is interested very cheaply and I have old photos showing what the original porch looked like. Let me know and I can get you in touch with its owner.

Hundreds of Tulip, Daffodil, and  Lily bulbs planted last fall are coming to life!
This is gong to be a very productive summer! All the bulbs we planted last fall are popping up too.


Karen Anne said...

Can a tree stump grinder machine not get in there? Fifteen minutes, no stump.

vladimilasky said...

Where do you put the exaust of the bathroom fan?

Paul Wilham said...

The exhaust is vented out the side of the house via a short pipe. I am replacing the current outside outlet with a new one that has spring close and a protective cover to keep birds and rodents out. Painted the same color as the hsoue is will 'blend in". VERY important to have these vented, otherwise you will accunmulate moisure in the walls! I'll be covering the replacement of this in an upcoming blogpost