Monday, April 25, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

For some time I have hated the fact that the front basement window was gone. destroyed back when the house was vacant. As luck would turn out my neighbor across the street has to remove one of his basement windows and wanted to know if I wanted it. Of course I said yes. The window is the same size as the original however the frame is larger so I will have to build a new frame for the wood window to sit in. I will cover that building and window restoration later this week.

For the most part we are finishing drywall in the dining room. Which involves lots of fine coats.

We had a really nice article come out in the Indianapolis Urban Times May issue about our restoration of  our Indianapolis house and our preservation efforts.

In other news!!! A FOURTH restoration on our block This one a nice cottage down the street. So far they have painted the foundation block and re-stained the shingles a very nice red. Lot is being cleaned up and its coming along quite nicely with lots of interior stuff going on. This was one the city wanted to tear down and we were able to stop, Maybe we will have a couple more restorations underway this summer. In a neighborhood the city gave up on? Imagine that!

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Karen Anne said...

You have books coming out? Any expected publication date/title?