Thursday, April 28, 2011

Window Restoration Project

A new frame,  paint, and glazing and this window is ready for another 100 years
Unfortunately less than a year before we acquired our house, our 'uninformed' prior owners replaced every window in the house. the only exception was one basement window and that was destroyed when thieves broke in. My plan is to build new 2 over 2 windows for the entire house.

Now the common wisdom is to put glass block in old houses for security but its not "period". My neighbor across the street has to remove one of his basement windows due to utility changes and he offered it to me . Of course I jumped at the chance. The window itself is the same size as my old window . However the surround frame was larger and thicker than mine so I decided to restore the window and build a new surround. Cutting the stone basement was was not an option as its 24 inches thick! The restored window will be installed and privacy film put on the window so people cant see in and then a  glass block window will be installed behind it for security. This window will be a fixed unopenable window.

The window itself was in pretty good shape but a prior owner had fixed it by using door hinges at some point. Those were carefully removed and the holes were filled with a marine grade epoxi. Conventional wood fillers are not a good option due to the close proximity to the ground. Fortunately this window is under the front square bay bumpout so it is protected from the elements.

I wanted to retain the old glass but I first had to remove the old glazing and points so the window could be cleaned and all that old overpaint removed. Any problem with the wood window were filled with epoxy as well. All the paint was removed from the frame and it and the new frame surround were primed with  two coats of primer designed for basement areas and three top coats of paint. The window was reglazed and placed in the frame and secured with screws. I used a special silicone caulk to bed the window frame in its surround and the same caulk was used to carefully seal any gaps.As single pane windows go it should be pretty efficient and of course the glass lock window will be behind it.

The restored window and frame are now ready for install and I will cover that in a future blogpost..

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