Friday, May 20, 2011

Cincinnati Preservation Bargains: 1829 Clarion

The thing about neighborhoods and their turnarounds is that most  people don't look far enough into the future. It's only after they happen to be driving through a  neighborhood, see a lot of restoration that they realize the potential and often say "wow I wish I had bought a  house when it was affordable".

1829 Clarion is near Hyde Park and this block of houses has one of the best chances at restoration in the very near future. So maybe you should step to the front of the line and congratulate yourself about how forward thinking you were And this house has a lot to offer. The front features some very nice Freeclassic details in the front gable with the Paladian window detail., there is a second floor porch as well as a full width front porch that is the perfect place for that porch swing.

The interior was converted long ago to three apartments but it looks like a 'lazy' conversion meaning they didn't change the rooms around. One unit is gutted to the studs so by doing this area first you would have a great place to "camp out" while you finish the rest of the house. Most of the woodwork appears intact (painted) and there are several fireplaces and lots of architectural details. This will really be a nice house after restoration and this part of Evanston is very close to Hyde Park people!!!!

MLS 1269197 Offered by Christopher Martindell , Huff Realty....the price? 4,900 and that is NOT a typo!

Do you know of a Preservation Bargain? A home that just need a Preservation minded buyer who will care for it, restore it and bring it back to its former glory? If so email me at and provide me with contact and details and we might feature it here. Since we started this series. Many homes have been rescued from the clutches of slumlords or worse yet, a city bulldozer. Restoring Cincinnati, one house at a time

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