Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Improving West End : Justice watch property for sale

Area Residents are hoping a preservation minded buyer will acquire this transitional "facility" and convert it back to single family.
In what could be another sign of improving times in the West End , the Justice Watch.Inc, which has operated a exoffender  mens transitional home located at 1120 Garden Street in the West End is up for sale. The 3 story. 6 bedroom, 1870 era Italianate brick home is listed at 50,000.00 and includes a vacant lot next door. Local residents expect the property to bring far less than its asking price and report while the house is sound it will need complete restoration. The property is listed by K&D Associates.

According to the Justice Watch website : http://www,justicewatchinc.org

The home was set up to help men with a history of incarceration many have drug or alcohol problems Funding has been provided by the City of Cincinnati, Dept of Housing and Urban development and individual donors.

Their website does not list that the building is for sale or the facility relocating, or closing down entirely. According to my research the organization has had a number of board changes and "issues' over the years.  I attempted to reach the City and Justice Watch but did not receive a response at the time of this blogpost.

The sale of this building could be related to the many improvements going on in the immediate area. Historic Dayton Street has restoration heading all the way to the 1100 block ( end of that street)  now and the demographic of the neighborhood is changing rapidly. No doubt that residents who have invested millions of dollars along Dayton street and West end over the last few years will work hard to see that the property currently zoned as "charitable use" is returned back to residential and a preservation minded buyer is found..

As one resident in the area put it "This would be great house to restore back to a single family residence and we are certainly happy to see this 'facility' gone."

An ever increasing number of social service agencies, programs and assistance groups are selling off property in OTR and West End and either closing or relocating to better serve their "clients" who are moving on as criminal behavior become less tolerated, federal funding is drying up due to budget restraints and property values improve.

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