Monday, May 23, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Busy time, working on a  lot of consulting work and our own project plus numerous preservation issues in Cincinnati.

We have started the expansion of the garden space. Essentially beginning to lay our the path that will go from the Northeast corner of the house to the planned gazebo at about 45degrees. This phase of the garden will be more of a cottage garden that will be terraced to help tame the lot slope. All the other walkways will be brick but I am considering flagstones on a paver base for this walk as it will be less formal than other areas of the site.

We are sure for the total makeup of the garden yet but we wanted to get some plants in so we selected some Salvia, Roses and Daylillys all of which were "discount plants". Nothing really wrong with these plants they were simply root bound and of course Lowes doesn't re-pot so they were marked down Will update as work progresses.

Work continues on the parlor floor , slow going but well worth the effort. The floor is going down well, no squeaks and I am generally pleased with it.

More to come next week

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