Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Before long  we can bring in the parlor set , melodeon and artwork for the walls
Our historic floor recreation project is coming along quite nicely. It is labor intensive but I am very pleased with the way this floor will look

Once this gets installed and stained in contrasting stains this shuld look "Period Perfect"
I also started on the "border work: at the edges of the floor. I feel confident that this will turn out well, and after contrasting stains are applied, look authentic as well.

This is primarily a shade garden  as viewed from the second floor bedroom.
Other work included further expansion of the pond and sunken garden area  and thanks to "banking" a bunch of extra plants in a temporary garden last year we now have ample supplies to fill these expanded garden areas as they are done. I cant wait to get walkways done and of course the gazebo pavilion structure built.

Other news for my regular readers, due to the prosed "Architectural Rape" of the Fairmount commercial/residential district I will e devoting a lot of Blog space top highlighting the architecture of this area and what we stand to lose if MSD and the city is successful. I encourage you to keep aware of this project and remember for all of my national readers, it is YOUR federal tax dollars being spent on this so even if you do not live in Cincinnati, it is your tax dollars too.

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