Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PRESERVATION 911: Rare Cincinnati ART DECO building Endangered

This remarkable building sits on a one way street and people fly by never noticing one of the rarest buildings in this city!
This is the last day of Historic preservation month and it is somewhat fitting that we dedicate this special blogpost to pointing out that our Preservation battle is never over and in the case of this building and the neighborhood it sits in is in danger of total annihilation by the City of Cincinanti and  MSD (metropolitain Sewer District) and their short sighted approach to propose the wholesale demolition of an entire business and residential district for a "Glorified Drainage Ditch" and the 'hope' they can bring in private developers to build 'new urbanist crap' overlooking it.

The attractive 'artistically designed' V&S logo surrounded by high style brick work. It doesn't get better than this!
There is nothing 'green' about the MSD proposal and it is being driven by the need to keep the city bond rating in tact  by little more than the "hope" of a dubious land scheme, that relied on a lot of things happening with absolutely no certainty that it will. The only thing certain is unless we can get MSD, EPA, and the City to the table to develop a fiscally responsible plan that preserves historic assets then this REMARKABLE building will be GONE! This is a one of a kind building!

The original windows are protected. Just take look at this brickwork detail!
Architectually this building is tour de force of art deco design. This building compliments an equally historic Vitt  & Stermer main building. This structure was built to house limousines for the V&S funeral operations and from the careful design shown here they spared no expense on it.

The tall narrow windows capped with elegant stone work accentuate the height of what is a one story structure
This building need to stay here and it can be adaptively reused in a number of ways as part of a historic Fairmount. This building could be repurposed as a restaurant, art gallery or even as a private residence.. It is Unconscionable that the City of Cincinnati would even think of putting this in a landfill what is being promoted as a "green project'. There is nothing green about placing an entire town in a landfill.

This ART DECO MASTERPIECE will be in a  LANDFILL? Using your Federal Tax dollars!
If you care at all about history, preservation and great architectural design, pass this on to everyone you know. We need your help to save it!


Karen Anne said...

Is it known who did the brickwork?

Paul Wilham said...

I am hoping to do some research on it , at the moment however I am scrambling to just save it and as we know its an uphill battle