Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coming to a window near you: DITCH THE DITCH! Save Historic Fairmount

You may notice some signs around town as Preservationist send a message that the days of bulldozer Urban renewal are over.
You may notice some new signs appearing in windows around town. Those signs that read Ditch the Ditch! Save Historic Fairmount . This is a grass roots effort to let MSD, city officials and EPA know we will not let historic Fairmount be "thrown under a bus" for the sake of MSD Bond rating and that when MSD goes through its next 'exercise' in community engagement' with its design groups that the RESIDENTS are taking charge and we will chart the course for what is acceptable and what WE want. No more back room deals, no more 'tightly controlled community council meeting" where the residents have no voice.AND we will directly contact EPA, the Federal Court and our Congressmen and Senators to let them know our position.
Just double click on this and save a copy to your desktop then paste it into Word and print!
This effort is being sponsored by Knox Hill Neighborhood Association and we will be distributing window signs throughout the area but we want this to be a city wide or national preservation we are asking you to help start a dialog about preservation in your community with this issue. Simply open up this jpg in your browser, save it then past it into any program like Word, and put in it your window. If you like take a picture of your window or you holding the sign in front of your old house and send it to us. You can be creative and come up with your sign design with these words. We want to demonstrate that the days of "urban renewal bulldozing" is over . Just sent your photo to

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