Monday, June 6, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Things move forward, albeit slowly. Floor work is continuing as I can get ti it. The battle to save the Fairmount business/residential district continues of course. The most time consuming part of the floor work is the sorting of material. It comes in 50 piece packages and in order to get good consistency you typically want to pull from 3 bundles at a time. I have found by Greg doing the sorting and grading and me just concentrating on install we are able to pick up the pace but right now I can only devote a couple of hours a week to that project so its slow. Shame I can't clone myself!

Outside normal yard work continues and this week we spent some time freshening up mulch in the gardens and getting tree limbs cleaned up from earlier trimming.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of giving a tour to one of our Cincinnati councilmen  Wayne Lippert. I have at one tile or another extended invitations to the council to tour our neighborhood but he is the first one to take me up on the offer. We discussed our strategy for neighborhood turnaround, the obstacles (mostly city related we face) and how in spite of those problems we are making progress. He was ale to meet one of our neighbors who is tackling a restoration of a house that has been vacant for over 6 years, I hope more council people avail themselves to tour our neighborhood as they might actually learn some things such as the use of Historic Preservation as an economic development tool.

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