Monday, June 13, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Wow what a week! Meetings with reporters, meetings with attorneys and engineers, lots of calls to Washington and an article on the MSD project in the enquirer and a Walking tour ..

You wouldn't think will all that going on we would have any time to get anything done but we have!

Floor install in the Parlor is almost finished. Borders will need to be done but that goes surprisingly quick. Then the nail homes get filled and the sanding and finishing can progress.

The daylillys are blooming and a perfect match for the color of our house.

I can now say that the front garden has finally done its job and all erosion on our front yard has been stopped and its retaining the water well which the plans are gobbling up. For a garden just 1 year old is looks like it has been there for years!

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