Monday, June 20, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly update

Well the floor is on the floor at last! Is this a lot of work? Yes. Is it worth the effort? I think so. regular readers will know for the last few weekends we have been working on a new floor install in our Formal parlor. The square cut "strip' flooring  with borders was a highly desired floor during the Victorian era.

Of course if you were lucky enough to have one chances are its gouged or even sanded so much that its near the end of its The problem is that they are very cost prohibitive to replace. New border inlay floor can run  thousands of dollars per room. However I found a solution in that one of the local home improvement store sell bundles of wood strips, 4 feet in length. My cost works out to 38 cents a square foot, perhaps 40 cents if you consider wastage and the occasional bad piece you find in a bundle. It is labor intensive. You obviously have some cutting to do and its 'face nailed' just like the original , meaning every hole must be filled and of course sanded after its down (the next phase).

However all things considered it is a period appropriate look that you just cant get with snap together flooring these days.

Another little project this week was hanging the center section of the drapes we made for the parlor. I wanted to see how they would look as it will help me determine the two 'side drops' that will go on either side. Behind that will be full panels that will be tied back and of course new sheers will be made for the lower window.. Now while in this view it would appear to obstruct the view of the stained glass from 'sitting height' you can see it perfectly. In this "bumpout bay" will be a small hidden spot that will illuminate this space from behind and from the street really light up the stained glass. This small space is just perfect for a side chair and a plant stand and should make an elegant space to sit.

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