Monday, June 27, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update"

Things are moving along nicely. Hard to believe how overgown it used to be.
This week we devoted more tiime to outside.  Minor paint touchups and such were done. We are also refining the yard.

Floors will be sanded once all the nail holes are filled
With the floor down in the parlor we have started the filling process.

This mantle will be quite at home in the dining room
At the same time we are shifting gears to the formal dining room and we brought down the restored mantle that will be in that room. We did some test filling and  our next step will be to determine what we will use for the base . It will either be time or a slate piece. I am leaning towards and English Encaustic tile.

Flowers, flowers, everywhere
Of course the hot topic of the moment is determining the colors for the dining room and the combination of stencilling that will be used for the room. So there is alot going on right now PLUS of course our continuing efforts to Save the historic downtown Fairmount.


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Karen Anne said...

A real work of art. Amazing.