Friday, June 24, 2011

MSD Demo Watch: Today: A Colonial Revival Multi Family

Today we feature one of the largest structures in the impacted area of MSD ill conceived plan to bulldoze Cincinnati History for a 'glorified drainage ditch'. This building like most in the area is a one of a kind structure.

This nicely detailed structure is built in the Colonial Revival style. It was a later built structure  (between 1910-1920). Stepped back from the Queen City side it spans they entire area between Queen City and Westwood having been built AFTER the old ditch was culverted in 1909..

The structure features a very nice Colonial Rival parapetted Gable which features a Free classic palladium style window on the front facade gable. The entrance has an restained but elegant  bracketed projecting front porch that gives a nod to the Arts and Crafts movement. In fact eth entire 'center Hall area is stepped out slightly to give prominence to the entrance. This buildining is nicely balanced by paired double windows on wither side.

Long time locals no doubt know the original use of this building and I assume it was connected with St Bonaventure church and school that sat across from it.

Remember YOU are paying for this "green project" with your sewer bills. Ponder this: YOU are paying for the acquistition of this building. YOU will be paying to demo it at a cost between 60-80 thousand dollars. YOU will be paying the cost to put 400 TONS (engineers estimate of weight of building) into a landfill meaning YOU will pay more in future landfill fees as landfills become filled up do to putting perfectly good buildings in it like this. Lastly YOU will eventually see higher property taxes because this property is removed from the county tax base. 

This property has an assessed value of 294,000.00. This property Paid 8218.00 PER YEAR in property tax. The amount the County Commisioner PAID is not listed which is 'unusual" considering this should be a matter of public record?

In our alternative proposal This block along with the central core stays  and this building is repurposed as condos meaning it Contributes to the tax roles,msd with areas with non historic impact daylighted to meet EPA requirements.

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