Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MSD Fairmount Demo Watch: Today a Historic Warehouse

Communities or neighborhoods are composed of many buildings . Fairmount is no exception. while its easy to get excited about the 'wow'  buildings like the V&S Art Deco annex on Queen City or the Queen Anne Mansion with turret on Westwood., it is often the warehouse/industrial types of buildings that are the first to go.

"Stop' is right! Putting large buildings like this in a landfill is not "Green" Keeping them is!
This  classic 1880''s  buildings sits in the cross hairs of the bulldozer if the MSD Lick run project gets its way. Other that some vinyl siding this building looks a lot like it did when it was built. MSD would have you believe that putting almost 100 buildings in a landfill, destroying a community in the process is a "green endeavor".. But this project is less about being Green than finding a 'cheap way' to preserve the city bond rating.. Tell EPA NOT to approve plans that send buildings like these into a landfill!

Great details like these diamond windows and elaborate tin top brackets that  you might expect to see on a fine townhouse but here they are on a  "lowly"warehouse.
Its up to local Preservationists , hopefully with help from our friends at the State and Federal level who will save this neighborhood and restore some common sense to this project and the waste of taxpayer funds.

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