Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MSD Fairmount Demo Watch: Today a Second Empire Commercial

Today as part of our continuing series to document the MSD Lick Run project  and Endangered Buildings in Fairmount, we feature this Second Empire Corner Commercial Building..

Second Empire Commercial has become exceedingly rare in Cincinnati in general This is the ONLY Commercial Corner Double storefront structure left in Fairmount. Imagine this in a landfill replaced by a drainage ditch! That is EXACTLY what will happen if MSD gets its way , and a piece of Cincinati History will be lost forever. On  the North  side of Westwood blvd , all the structures including this one are slated for demo

This building is largely as built. It has ornate carved stone column work on the front facade. Original patterned slate roof with original trim details. The original facade are behind the first floor board-up  The apartments above are currently occupied. It is a viable building and it is original.

Your Federal tax dollars are being used on this project, this project should be subject to section 106 review and we can save these buildings. If it proceeds it will be the largest loss of historic structures in years. It is time for the Preservation Community , on a NATIONAL basis to put pressure on our legislators to require this project be modified to accommodate more that 40 significant structures. This project represents a major waste of taxpayer funds and historic assets.

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