Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cincinnati Preservation Bargains : 3571 Alaska Avondale

The big brick Queen Anne mansion is what most prople think of when they think of Victorian.

So of course when a 15 room 3 story Brick Queen Anne Mansion with Turret comes up for sale as good price you will see it likely featured on Cincinnati Preservation Bargains. Currently 4 apartments this once grand dame is ready to be returned to her former glory.

Big plusses are some original woodwork and stained glass,  a generous 75x195 foot lot. The house is an Estate Sale so probably some bargaining room on the 75,000 asking price which of course would be 3-4 time that in any other city. Some other restoration is already going on in the area and city seems to be getting more agressive on teardowns of the older apartment complexes so long term may be good for this area.

MLS#1268565 and offered by JoAnne Jones and Associates.

Do you know of a preservation bargain? A house that needs a preservation minded buyer with some vision to bring it back to its former glory? If so let us know at and we might feature it here.Since we started this series we have  put over two dozen homes in the hand of preservation minded buyers and away from slumlords , investors or city bulldozers. Saving house at a time!


Dan said...

The Forest/Alaska/Washington area of Avondale has some beautiful homes.

cincyhistoryluvr said...

The home of Jonas Frankel, attorney. In 1910, the residents are:
Jonas Frenkel 50
Clara F Frenkel 42
Benedict J Frenkel 16
Julius F Frenkel 11
James W Frenkel 1 11/12
Christine Horick 26 (Servant)
Mary Hosty 29 (Servant)
Jennie Preston 27 (Servant)
Elizabet Dadt 26 (Servant)

cincyhistoryluvr said...

Also, Clara's siblings lived next door.
3583 - J. Walter Frieberg (now demolished)
3577 - Maurice J. Frieberg.

Their father was a distiller, Julius Frieberg.,13737

cincyhistoryluvr said...

Also, Julius Freiberg lived across the street. Must have been the family 'hood!
1900 City Directory
FREIBERG JULIUS, Member Trustees
of the Sinking Fund. City Hall; Residence, 3576 Alaska Av,, Avondale
Of course, this home is gone now too...

Dale from Avon said...

Anything on 3539 Eden???