Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Creative solutions and the ability to think "out of the box". Urban Parking solutions

San Francisco has some of the most stringent  Historic Preservation standards in the country. That city has embraced preservation and that decision has resulted in one of the best "Heritage Tourism" businesses in the country and brings Millions of dollars to that city every year. Cincinnati would do well to adopt those standards while we still have some architecture left. we lose many buildings to a lack of creativity...are you listening 3CDC with Mercer Commons?

Facades are highly regulated and as you might expect parking is at a premium. However you cant just stick a garage on a building in San Francisco. This solution is one of the most creative I have found and I must say I admire. Essentially a lower level garage was created in what would have been the old servants quarters when this victorian was built. What is different is rather than put a garage door on the front. The historic facade was maintained using  "gate technology" design and hanging the original facade on a frame. The two doors , one smaller on larger open in sequence and create the door opening while preserving the architectural integrity of the building, and parking for four cars!.

More info about this project can be found on their site:


Neil said...

Cincinnati seems to have an odd aversion to on street parking.

I know OTR is still a bit sketchy and there is a risk of break-ins but in the long run by the time the parking requirements are at the levels that Mercer Commons demands it won't be.

The city has too many parking meters on unused back roads in OTR, and needs to eliminate those and eventually if residents demand it go with permit parking.

Do Cincinnatians understand what sacrifices living in a city requires?

Todd McFarland said...

Oh that's too cool. That's a really strong frame.