Friday, July 15, 2011

Defining a landscape plan for our front yard

We have had some general idea about where we were going with our landscape plan and the time to start doing some hard scaping is approaching.

One of the big issues has been the front entrance steps, Fine when the house was built they are deteriorated and will not meet current code. However its important to retain the historic front  wall so here is our solution. Instead of cutting stairs further into the yard as would be required we are instead doing stairs coing up to central landing and then rising to level. Fortunately our front wall was set back farther than others on the block and that affords us this opportunty. We also can gate the front for security

The other issue is one of history, originally the Nagele's had a large wooden grape arbor that framed the sidewalk all the way from the front to the front door. Now the idea of a 40 foot arbor does not appeal to me but we will pay homage to it with a Arbor at the front  once one ascends the stairs. I am thinking wisteria on it or maybe grapes.

The rest of the yard leading up to the house will be terraced to two levels . A central 'rose garden 'with fountain and an upper terrace area at the front of the house to provide extra space for outdoor entertaining.

This terracing affords nice planting area in front and helps buffer noise from the street.

In the future we will talk about the other gazebo area garden and the sunken and side courtyards.

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