Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Knox Hill Project : Weekly Update

We  are just plugging along on the floor project with more filling and sanding taking place. As you know there is a new restoration taking place across the street. The owner wanted my opinion on proper flashing on his chimney so that gave me a unique perspective on our house and the neighborhood in general. Took a couple of photos the first of our house and lot from his rooftop. The second photo is of the rest of that side of the block. Ironic that a neighborhood our city wrote off as a lost cause is turning around and definitely on its way back.

You can see our house and lot from this vantage. Next door to our house is the old converted carriage house/servants quarters that went with the big bay windowed house next to it (on the far right)
Continuing down the block there is a small cottage (servants house) for the Yellow  2 story. A 2 story Italianate next to that and a larger Italianate sits on the far right (corner). The Yellow house and its old servants cottage is for sale independently. Would love to see someone but them both. Yellow house is very original inside.


Karen Anne said...

I'm trying to figure out from that picture where your lot extends. Is the "lot" the red/orange car is parked in front of part of your yard? Is your house close to the lot line on the other side, i.e. the white doored garage belongs to the neighbors?

Paul Wilham said...

Our house is the oldest house (circa 1870-71)on the block. Everything around it was built about 10-15 years later. The white house right next to ours was originally a carriage house with servants quarters above it for the tan house. Once it was converted , the small garage was built. Our lot goes all the way to the corner, giving us a huge front and side yard