Monday, July 18, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Busy time , just a lot of things going on including more good news.

First off, Parlor floor is ready for stain and the plan is to wait until we get the dining room done and to stain both floors at the same time as they will have be stained with the same colors and I want consistency. So we now shift gears to the dining room and that involves getting the Archway from the dining room to the stairhall done. This archway is a duplicate of the one  from the dining room to parlor. This arch goes up almost to the  ceiling and it is a  visual trick to make the room look larger than it actually is. These rooms are about 15 x15 foot with 10 1/2 ft ceilings and the height allows you to see through to the ceilings of the adjacient room and  visually 'borrow' space.

We also started drywall on the fireplace  bump out. Once this is complete we can start on the hidden door framing to the 1/2 bath.

Flowers are still blooming but I worry about all the heat this week , we need some rain..

More great news in our neighborhood. The house 4 doors west of us, a yellow front gable Victorian sold to a young family who wil be moving in soon! Neighborhood is definitly turning the corner.
Our neighbor across the street scored an incredible find. They needed a period correct door for the front of their house which  had a circa 1910 front door. While driving down the hill someone had dumped this incredible door! So they just saved 6-700 bucks and this door will look great in a five color paint job. I am sure the house it came from now sports some metal  home improvement door. I just can not understand that mentality.

Prices appear to be headed up, two houses just came up on the next street over (Fairmount) both over 50K and both needing work. Looks like the days of cheap houses may be coming to an end in our neighborhood?

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