Monday, August 8, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Any old siding that was viable was reused
This is definitely a week of transitions,  Siding is going on from the work the week before. We are using the old siding as much as possible and that we couldn't salvage is being replaced with new that we are priming and 'pre-painting'.

The old back doorway reoepned
Inside some big changes. The old doorway that years ago was a back door was opened up to allow a transition to the old kitchen. As I mentioned in earlier blogpost this rear addition (built circa 1895) will come off and be rebuilt as part of the new  2 story wing addition that will house a new breakfast room, conservatory, a screened in porch and the new two car garage. Even though this work is temporary, we went ahead and sealed and insulated it.. Can't wait for the final plans to get completed so we can get the permits pulled.

No more walking though a bathroom to get to the dining room!
The other big change is we closed off the door to the kitchen from the 1/2 bath area, so now there will be just one entrance (off the dining room). I still have to drywall the outside wall that we insulated as well as the ceiling which had the bad plaster.

I even had a little time to get some landscape plans done  for the side courtyard. I will post that one day this week to give you all an idea of what is in store there.

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