Monday, August 15, 2011

Knox Hill Project : Weekly update

This week we have been getting everything out of the formal dining room so wall repairs can be completed and we have been working in the 1/2 bath which is located under the stair landing.

As I noted last week we have changed the floorplan slightly by eliminating the doorway to the kitchen. Before you literally walked through the bathroom to get to the kitchen. The toilet was hidden behind a  folding door. It was not a viable arrangment by any means. While I am not happy with the baths location, just off the dining room, it would be cost prohibitive to move it and would require additional permits. Of course with the new 'hidden' door off the dining room you really won't know it is there.

This week we were working on  getting the drywall on the West wall which hwe previously insulated. So work proceeds slowly on this room, but we have the new flooring ready to be installed and I am making the wallpaper selections soon.

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