Monday, August 22, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Another week and more small projects. This week we finished emptying out the dining room and with all the  stuff our of the way the room is very spacious. One of the projects this week has been the removal of the baseboards in the dining room. Unlike the formal parlor which had complete baseboards our dining room was missing some trim and some of it was in poor condition. However its far too valuable to be tossed out so we are carefully removing it so it can be recycled on the second floor hallway which is missing trim. The dining room will get new slightly more formal baseboard. These long lengths of old baseboard (15 feet) are difficult to remove with out splitting because they are installed with square cut nails. Once you  get the quarter round off, the secret to removing the trim is to locate the wall studs and ONLY use your prybar at those points. I like to start at one side work slowly and do not try to pry all the way at once. What you want to do is ease the trim out of the wall stud a little bit at a time. The great thing about the square cuts is they do not "grip' like ridged finish nail so one you have it loose you can pull the trim down. We also cut the square nails off rather than pry them out.

We have also started harvesting wildflower seed for neighborhood gardening projects next year. I filled six bags with seed in less than an hour over the weekend.

Also work continues on the half bath and all the drywall is taped and bedded and now several top coats and some light sanding , it will be ready for paint and our new floor can go in.

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