Monday, August 29, 2011

Knox Hill Project :Weekly Update

Flooring, lots of flooring! We picked up material to do the dining room floor...and a little extra. Regular readers recall we replicated a period inlaid border strip floor in our Formal Parlor and we intend to do the same in our  formal dining room. Soon I'll begin the process of cutting some of this to make the new inlaid, patterned border .

In the meantime there is still work to do in the formal dining room. All the baseboard has been carefully removed ( being recycled for upstairs hallway. And we carefully took down the last of the Picture hanging rail. The railing must be lowered in order to accommodate the stencil restoration of the original Neo Grec stencils. The railing has been raised when the second round of stencilling had been done around 1900.

This railing is in pretty good shape. I removed all the easy to remove loose paint and I will be stripping this down to the original then doing the base finish and the gilding to match what it was originally. Interesting to note the dining room perhaps had the most changes of any room in the cottage as we have identified seven different colors of this rail when we did paint anaylisis. Our Realtor, and good friend, Cathy Frank stopped by this week to see the progress we have made on the house. I am sure she thinks we are crazy for doing this level of restoration buy hey maybe it will be House Museum some day?

We are thinking after the dining room is done of maybe having an in-progress open house, perhaps with the owner of the house across the street? We could call it the tale of two Cottages Tour? Might be a good way to celebrate the 140th birthday of the house.

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