Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Landscape Design: The side courtyard plan

As you may recall in our last installment we discussed the front yard and establishing a rough landscape plan for that. As we get closer to finalizing the plans for the new carriage house/ wing addition, the double side gallery veranda and tower, we are think about how to deal with the grade elevations on our site. This will call for a series of terraced areas that will go down towards the street. Today we are looking at the side courtyard.

The courtyard will be created by the 'L' of the new two story Carriage House wing on the south, the double gallery verandas on the west. The east will have some stone raised planters topped with a concrete baulstrade fence. This will screen the view to the side street. The restored sunken garden will frame the north side.

We have a lot of earth to move as part of the plan including the escavation for the foundation for the wing and tower addition, but we need that  on the north end of our lot to raise the elevation back caused by 140 yrs of erosion and to raise up the area that will be be Gazebo garden. Remember our goal is no grass to mow, use of native plants and groundwater retention. Watering will be done largely though drip irrigation that will be supplied by 3 500 gallon tanks behind the garage that store rainwater from the roof.

Next Installment: The gazebo garden.


Eric said...

What software did you use to design or generate these images?

Paul Wilham said...

Its sierra landscape designer 3D, its an older program , I belive tehre are newer versions, I am just used to this one.