Monday, September 19, 2011

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update: Fall Cleanup

As everyone knows as, fall approaches, you tend to think more about indoor stuff but its always a good idea to get that outside work and cleanup done before the snow flies. As normal with any restoration project you have stuff laying around. In out case materials from the rotten side porch materials which we had staged on the old garage pad. Dumpsters are pretty expensive in Cincinnati when compared to other parts of the country. So the plan is to always stage enough for at least a 10 cubic yard dumpster, which often means you have to wait until you get tons of materials to be cost effective.

I have seen the ads for Waste Management's 'bagster" on This Old House and other shows, and thought it might be the ticket for us as we didn't have that much material and I really wanted to get the area cleared. The 'bagsters' are available from the local Lowes for 29.95. They hold 3300 lbs of material. All you do is fill them , call Waste Management on a 1-800 number or you can do it on line and they pick it up. The fee for pickup is 99.00 and 75.00 for any additional bag picked up at the same time in our zip code. Our take on this is that they are great, it does take a little planning. You want to create a 'base' for the bag with some wide boards or something flat to get the best use out of it. They are not as long as a regular dumpster of course, so you have to cut some longer boards down to fit them in but I am sold on these now.

Inside the dining room is just about ready for sanding and first coat of primer. I can't wait for paint to go on and then you all get to follow the more interesting  stencilling and trimout stage of the work.

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